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An organic journey, Waimārama

Organic journey Waimārama

Our organic journey

Our organic journey began in 2019. Isaac and Kirby’s neighbours were born and raised on the indigenous lands of Waimārama. And with a similar creation story to our own, an opportunity to serve our local hapū in Waimārama was born over a cup of tea. With ancestral connections of our own to the seaside settlement of Waimārama, we felt the pull of our whakapapa to employ our knowledge and skills of farming and enterprise in a place we already felt a deep sense of connection to. The journey had begun.

As we stood on the first whenua Māori land block, inhaling the dry, salty air and feeling the dusty, malnourished soil beneath our feet, we knew we were exactly where we needed to be. Depleted of nutrients, after 30 or more years of maize cropping, we could almost hear Papatūānuku weeping. We met with the local hapū and it was decided that KANAPU
Hempery would serve a role in assisting whānau to take back guardianship status of their land, via organic farming systems.

Wai|Water for Waimārama

As Summer neared it became clear we might need to give our first crops a head start in their first organic season. Access to wai|water had the ability to provide as such. We directed our attention to obtaining a water-take from the Waingongoro Stream through council for the local hapū. Spearheaded by tāngata whenua Innika Broadman, we succeeded. Securing a water-take for tamariki|mokopuna and generations to come to utilise in their organic farming system. Nearly four years on, we have witnessed the whenua transform before us. With a long road to full soil health ahead, we are already seeing the benefits of employing organic farming principles.

Sowing winter cover crops to rejuvenate the soil and spreading tonnes of organic compost to increase biodiversity and biomass. Each season brings forth new challenges, a sense of progress and continuous improvement. We continue to serve our small part in the kaitiakitanga of whenua Māori in Waimārama, a most rewarding journey, to organic. Enriching the land, nourishing the people.



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