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Land | Hemp Farm

We’re guided by the latest soil science. But equally, we take our cues from the land – our greatest inspiration and teacher.

Our journey began as two families with a shared vision of melding contemporary organic and ancient karakia practices. Producing food for our communities while giving back to the earth from which we draw our strength.

At KANAPU Hempery, we grow via organic and regenerative farming systems. In Waimārama, we grow organic industrial hemp crops. Organic farming focuses on crop rotations, animal manures, legumes and green manures to maintain soil productivity and control pest, insect and weeds.

In Otāne, we grow regenerative industrial hemp crops, spray and pesticide free. Regenerative farming focuses on restoring degraded soil using practise based on ecological principles that enrich soils, improve watersheds, enhance ecosystem services such as soil carbon and nitrogen sequestration, improve biodiversity, and promote farmer and livestock welfare. It considers the interactions between the soil, water, plants, animals and us as people, as interconnected parts of a whole farming system.