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KANAPU, Our story is in the name

Much more than a name, KANAPU is a start point for our story. A touchpoint for our people, to encourage our whānau to be bold, to push boundaries of what is conventional. A guiding light – just as our ancestors mapped the stars to navigate their voyage from Hawaiki.

Te Kanapu O Te Rangi means “the thunder that descends from the heavens” Co-founder Isaac Tui Te Kanapu Broudigan Beach, bears his Great Grandfather’s name and on it’s own Kanapu means “thunder”. When Cyclone Bola hit the East Coast of Aotearoa in March 1988, Isaac Beach was born. This only made inheriting the name Te Kanapu seem more symbolic. When pondering a name for the company in 2017, Isaac searched within his own whakapapa. As a market gardener, Isaac’s Grandfather Tui raised his children amidst his abundant māra kai|gardens in Ruatoria, a small settlement on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Growing fresh produce for his whānau and hapū was a huge undertaking, and he accumulated years of wisdom and matauranga. Looking back, it only seemed appropriate to offer the subtle nod in acknowledgement of this rich whakapapa as Isaac and KANAPU Hempery began their own journey producing food for our whānau, hapū, iwi and beyond. Many have asked why we adopted black and gold to serve as the colours of KANAPU Hempery. Our explanation is simple. As Hine-raumati|Summer embraces Hawkes Bay, venture out towards Waimārama and Otāne. You will witness the browning of the whenua and the golden tinge of the earth as Tama-nui-te-rā|the sun beats down upon it during the warmer months. Underneath this golden whenua you will find the deep dark soils within, rich with history and nutrients for those that wish to grow above it. It seems fitting then, that we have aligned ourselves with these tones and intend to share our story with the world.



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