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No te whenua | Mo te whenua

From the earth | For the earth

Hemp seed oil and foods grown in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Like the hemp seed oil we lovingly produce on Indigenous lands, we are all from this earth. At KANAPU Hempery, we’re all about connecting people and communities through whenua and food. Regenerating Indigenous lands through organic farming. Māori and Pākehā working together for the health of our people and the kaitiakitanga of our land.

The land is our most important ingredient.

KANAPU Hempery was launched in 2017, and still today, our foods are grown and produced on the ancestral lands of the Indigenous people of Hawkes Bay, Aotearoa | New Zealand. It began as two families with a shared vision of melding contemporary Organic and ancient karakia practices. Producing food for our communities while giving back to the earth from which we draw our strength.

Inspired and guided by earth and sky.

We’re guided by the latest soil science. But equally, we take our cues from the land – our greatest inspiration and teacher. Working within the principles of kaitiakitanga . to improve these lands for generations to come. Serving whenua and whānau in a spirit of enrichment, nourishment and connection that flows through everything we do.