Stephane Dussau – Marina Restaurant, Gisborne

Stephane Dussau – Marina Restaurant, 1 Vogel Street, Marina Park, Gisborne 4010, New Zealand

+64 6 868 5919

0z6a1615Stephane Dussau, of French descent, executive chef at Marina Restaurant in Gisborne. Chef Dussau specialises in high end french cuisine. In classic rural France style, Chef Dussau sources all produce fresh and local.

Kanapu Hemp Seed Oil adds significant depth to french cuisine according to Chef Dussau who has experimented with adding it to pasta dishes, risottos and niche condiments like Manuka Honey Jam infused with Kanapu Hemp Seed Oil.

Stephane Dussau’s feedback helps us focus on ways to add value to high end french cuisine. Our task is to observe the way Chef Dussau and other culinary artisans employ the various flavours and aromas of Kanapu Hemp Seed Oil to add depth and a point of difference to their dishes.