Jackson Smith – Malo Restaurant, Havelock North

Jackson Smith – Malo Restaurant, 4 Te Aute Road, Havelock North 4130, New Zealand

+64 6 877 2009



Situated in the heart of Havelock North Village is the classy Malo Restaurant. Jackson Smith, Executive Chef brings a youthful and vibrant edge to fine dining in  the Havelock North Village. Jackson Smith was raised in Ōtāne, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and was thrilled to get his hands on our new age product Kanapu Hemp Seed Oil.

During our visit to Malo, Jackson prepared a stunning Beef dish incorporating the nutty taste of Kanapu Hemp Seed Oil. Within minutes of tasting the oil, Jackson’s imagination exploded with new ideas as multiple applications for the oil rolled of his tongue.

Jackson provides us with an honest youthful opinion on our product and its various uses, which allow us to ensure Kanapu Hemp Seed Oil remains relevant and enjoyable across a wider demographic.